PL Knives:

PL Knives Began in 2016 with a passion for quality, ergonomics and the art of design. I am a member of the American Bladesmith Society, a bushcrater and outdoorsman, a spoon carver, and an admirer of old world craftmanship.


I carefully select my steels to be best suited to the task at hand. I heat treat my carbon steels in a thermostatically controlled knifemaking kiln using a multi-step process to produce a blade that has fine grain and takes a sharp and durable edge.

Carbon steel blades are primarily 80CrV2 which has superior toughness, ease of sharpening and good edge retention. Harness is around 61 Rockwell C.

I have chosen AEB-L for stainless blades because it has the same properties that I value in 80CrV2 carbon, but it’s stainless. You can expect AEB-L to take a very fine edge that is longer wearing than carbon steels. Harness is around 61 Rockwell C.

For extended wear, I use CPM 3V. This steel combines the toughness of 80CrV2 and AEB-L with even great abrasion resistance. 3V offers some stain resistance, but is not fully stainless. Harness is around 61 Rockwell C.

I also use 8670, 1084, 15N20, 52100.