About PL Knives

PL Knives

Located in North Georgia and proudly made in the USA, PL Knives Began in 2016 with a passion for quality, ergonomics and the art of design. I am a member of the American Bladesmith Society, a bushcrafter and outdoorsman, a spoon carver, and an admirer of old world craftmanship. I have no employees. All my knives are hand made, packed, and shipped by me in my shop in Rocky Face. I do my own kydex work and leather work. I also partner with other sheath makers to offer more options to my customers.


I carefully select my steels to be best suited to the task at hand. I heat treat my carbon steels in a thermostatically controlled knifemaking kiln using a multi-step process to produce a blade that has fine grain and takes a sharp and durable edge.

Carbon steel blades are primarily 80CrV2 which has superior toughness, ease of sharpening and good edge retention. 80CrV2 is hardened to 61-62 Rockwell C.

I have chosen AEB-L for stainless blades because it has the same properties that I value in 80CrV2 carbon, but it’s stainless. You can expect AEB-L to take a very fine edge that is longer wearing than carbon steels. AEB-L is hardened to 61-62 Rockwell C.

For extended wear, I use CPM 3V. This steel combines the toughness of 80CrV2 and AEB-L with even greater wear resistance. 3V also offers some stain resistance, but is not fully stainless. CPM 3V is hardened to 61-62 Rockwell C.

I also use 8670, 1084, 15N20, 52100.

Lifetime Support

My knives are warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship. This warrantee transfers to second hand market owners as long as I’m alive and kick’n out knives. †

Spa Treatment

Every knife purchase includes 1 “spa treatment” at no cost. The knife will be carefully and lovingly sharpened, cleaned and conditioned to return it to excellent working condition. This is not, however, a full restoration to new condition.

If you are not the original purchaser, or you would like an additional spa treatment, the cost of this service is $30 including CONUS shipping.

Return Policy

I understand that feel and comfort are personal and individual. Any knife purchased from PL Knives can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price or exchange toward another knife. ††

† What’s not covered: normal wear from use, wanton negligence and neglect, abuse, damage due to carelessness or natural disasters. Please contact me if you are unsure.

†† Returned product must be in like-new condition for full refund or credit